10 Compact Camping Accessories That Make a Big Difference to Your Experience

Bevan Hall

Founder - Overedger Outdoors
Engineer and Adventurer. Making the most of what we've been given

Convenient camping accessories can turn a good camping experience into a great one, making things easier and more enjoyable. Plus, small gadgets won’t take up too much precious space and they are worth their weight in gold around camp. Here are 10 camping accessories that are small enough to fit in your Overedger Pack, but can make a big difference to your camping holiday.


If you think you are too cool to wear a headlamp, think again. These are unarguably convenient when you are doing camp chores that require your hands to be elsewhere such as collecting firewood or cooking. Plus, they are perfect for reading curled up in your tent at night.

Water Purifier

These come in all shapes and sizes, from purifying straws and water bottles to larger filtrations systems for your camp water containers. There are varying levels of filtration and purification, but generally, these remove dirt and bacteria from freshwater sources so that it’s safe for drinking – great for hiking or when camping by a river.

Thermal Cooker

Thermal cookware allows you to make delicious slow cooker recipes without worrying about excessive use of gas from your portable cooktop or having to slave over a fire for hours. Generally, they come with an inner pot to heat up your ingredients over a conventional heat source for 10 – 20 minutes or so (you can generally use a gas cooker or camp fire depending on the model). You can then turn off the heat and pop it into the insulated outer pot where it will continue to cook for roughly up to eight hours, without any external heat source required. This one is a little bigger than the other items, but can be easily stored away or transported in your boxed up Overedger Pack.


Pegless Travel Clothesline

A pegless clothesline is the perfect drying solution in camp. Made from two twisted elastic cords, each end can be fastened with the existing hooks practically anywhere. Once pulled tight, you can easily secure wet tea towels or clothes between the two elastic cords – no need for pegs.


Solar Powered Lantern

Having a well lit campsite makes life much easier. Solar powered lights mean you don’t have to think about stocking up on batteries every time you go away – or getting left in the dark if you forget. Solar powered lanterns come in collapsible designs, so they are easy to store away when they aren’t being used.

Portable Coffee Maker

There is no reason to give up your morning coffee in the outdoors, and a portable coffee maker means you won’t have to compromise on quality. There is a growing range of options, from espresso makers to drip coffee, and they are compact and lightweight to pop in your daypack out on the trail. Plus, they are generally quick to brew and easy to clean, what’s not to love?!

Compact Multitool

A compact multitool can have almost unlimited uses around camp. This many-in-one means you’ll need less space for multiple devices. Depending on the model, it can feature anything from wire cutters, a can opener, an array of blades, pliers and a fire-starting ferro rod (and much more).

Water Resistant Pocket Blanket

This compact space saving blanket is perfect to enjoy a picnic anywhere, anytime. Made from lightweight material, it can fold up to the size of your wallet to fit easily in your pocket or daypack while you’re are out and about, or in your camp organiser for storage. 

Bug Repellers

Along with traditional mosquito coils, there are other options that are designed to help keep the biting insects at bay. There is an array of contraptions which disperse repellent around the campsite giving the area protection without having to apply repellent directly to your skin. There are odour-free options available.  

Portable Tent Fan

If you’re camping in the warmer months, then a tent fan can make the world of difference to your campsite. There are larger standing options, but also some smaller compact versions that you can hang from your gazebo or tent roof. These can be powered by battery, USB port, or solar. Camping in the cooler months? An empty hot water bottle takes up practically no space, and once filled, keeps your sleeping bag toasty!