Got Questions? We’ve got you covered

The Overedger Pack

What is THE Overedger Pack?

The Overedger Pack is the ultimate camping kitchen organiser. Enough room for all your plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and utensils and more all in one compact pack. Store is as a box, and it unfolds to an all in one hanging kitchen organiser.

Invented on an Australian camping adventure long ago, and tested ever since, the Oeveredger Pack really is the ultimate camping kitchen organiser.

How long does it take to set up?

57 seconds. Yes, we timed it. Pack up is even faster.

Does the Overedger Pack have room for my pots and pans?

Depending how big your pots and pans are – yes. When packed, there is always some room left in the top of the pack. It’s not quite enough for a camp oven, but small pots or pans or the billy will usually fit.

Where are Overedger Packs made?

Our products are proudly Australian made, and are hand crafted in Queensland, Australia. This allows us to create the best quality products for campers everywhere.

The price seems expensive - why?

At Overedger Outdoors we believe in great quality. We hand craft our Overedger Packs from quality materials right here in Australia. We understand the price reflects this, but are always committed to providing great quality products at the best possible prices to our customers.

Does the Overedger Pack come with the whole kit and caboodle?

The Overedger Pack is empty, ready for you to pack your gear inside. We are looking to sell full kits in the future, and will keep you updated when we do

Will I get a tax invoice?

Yes, all orders come with a Tax Invoice via email after checkout.

Do you offer Buy Now Pay Later?

Not yet, but it’s something we are checking out currently. We will keep you updated once available.

Customer Support

There is a problem with my Overedger Pack, what should I do?

If there is an issue with your pack please get in contact with us at Our aim is to blow you away with how good our packs are, and any less just won’t cut it.